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Some tips on how to combine travel with studying

1 . Get a summer (or not so summer) internship

Another option of doing some low-cost travelling during your university time is doing an internship abroad during the summer. You will likely work with other people from different countries and have the opportunity to practice your language skills, make international friendships and gain work experience. And of course- do all the travelling during the weekends!

Here’s a list from free homework help online chat expert of some awesome sites to help you find an internship:

10 paid internships abroad in summer
Intern abroad
A list of intenships for a gap year
Internships worldwide
You should also just look on job listing pages in the particular country.

Internships are also available through Erasmus so if you are eligible for the programme, consider that option.


2 . Do some voluntary work

There’s a number of ways you can travel. One of them is to spend your summer working somewhere abroad and getting paid with accommodation and food. I think it’s also a great idea for cheap travel if you do want to take a gap year. Check out pages such as Workaway and Worldpackers or programs like Work&Travel to look for opportunities. If you don’t go far and take advantage of cheap airlines, it is one of the cheapest way to see a new part of the world!

3 . Get a part-time job to save money for vacation and make it a flexible one

According to get answers to questions in order to save more money for your travels get a part time job! Getting a job will not only allow you to have money for your trips, but it will boost your resume for the future. I spoke about it here. Even if you do a typical part-time student job waiting tables, it’s beneficial for your future. Secondly, these kinds of job tend to give you flexibility- you can try to arrange your shifts so that you have a free couple of days from time to time to travel.

Also, check out the internet for freelancing or work-from-home jobs. There are more and more opportunities like this and if you have a skill you can offer to other people, it’s a great idea! Teaching, translating, programming, web design- there are so many things in which you can work flexibly and be location independent.

Do you travel a lot? How do you manage to combine it with your degree? Let algrebra homework help experts know in the comments!

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Tips on how to combine travel with studying

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